Poll results

From 25 January 2015 to 7 June 2015, the following six polls ran on the Sandra and Woo website. All of them received over 2,000 votes and now it’s time to present the results.

Poll from 25 January 2015:

Poll Nr. 76

The same poll already ran in 2009 where 60% of our readers preferred story comics and only 9% comedy webcomics which was a very surprising result for a poll running on a comedy webcomic website. The gap is much smaller now, but most of our readers still prefer story comics.

Poll from 25 January 2015:

Poll Nr. 77

Web advertising still works, at least for webcomics. But nothing beats recommandations by other webcomic authors.

Poll from 25 January 2015:

Poll Nr. 78

52% of our readers preferred the Russian pic, only 20% the American pic of our strip Propaganda. I find it a little surprising that the country of origin had almost no effect on the voting result.

Poll from 25 January 2015:

Poll Nr. 79

I think this poll suffered from the very different characterisation of Ginny and Luna in the book series versus the movie series.

Poll from 25 January 2015:

Poll Nr. 80

It is not surprising that video games won this poll. But I’m surprised again that our readers aren’t particularly fond of movies. Film received less than half of the votes for music.

Poll from 31 March 2015:

Poll Nr. 81

I’m surprised that the version with six panels is much more popular among our readers. Since I have no preference, I expected a closer voting result.

There are five new polls that appear randomly in the voting widget in the right sidebar:

  • Which season of the year do you like the most?
  • What art style do you prefer in a comic?
  • Which character would you like to see more often?
  • Are you pro Skub or anti Skub?
  • Which of the following story arcs did you like the most?

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