Back from my Vanessa Carlton concert tour

On Saturday, I came back from my vacation during which I visited all three concerts of Vanessa Carlton in Germany. She had a pretty big hit with A Thousand Miles back in 2002, but her subsequent albums have failed to reach a wide audience, which is a particular shame for her fantastic third album Heroes & Thieves, my favorite music album. I’ve been a huge fan of Vanessa Carlton for over a decade and I was ecstatic when I heard the news that she’s finally coming back to Germany after 13 years. She played in three small venues in Berlin (Wednesday), Cologne (Thursday) and Heidelberg (Friday) and it was a great experience to finally be able to hear her live for the first time. She played and sung very well and I was especially fond of the sound quality of the venue in Cologne, called “Stadtgarten”.

After the first show in Berlin, I managed to get autographs from Vanessa on several posters I brought along. She also seemed to like them, particularly the one with the comic strip, so I gave her a second poster package of the same posters as a gift.

Autopgraphs from Vanessa Carlton

  • The Sandra and Woo” strip [0435] I Don’t Want to Be a Bride
  • An illustration, drawn by Denitsa Petkova, of the first verse of my favorite song More than This:
    • Cradling stones hold fire bright
      As crickets call out to the moonlight
      As you lean in to steal a kiss
      I’ll never need more than this.
  • A portrait of Vanessa Carlton, drawn by Powree, sitting in front of a white piano on a meadow, loosely inspired by her music video for A Thousand Miles.

So if Vanessa Carlton ever played in a town near you, you shouldn’t miss the chance and see her if you’re at least somewhat interested in her style of music.

Here is the portrait of Vanessa shown above which I think is the best piece of Vanessa Carlton fanart curently available on the internet:

Portrait of Vanessa Carlton drawn by Powree

Before my concert tour, I spent five days in Berlin and I can only recommend it to any tourist in Germany. I enjoyed the really impressive architecture and museums. I also liked that the main attractions still aren’t overly crowded. For example, I was the only person in the room with the Nefertiti bust for a couple of seconds. The whole city also didn’t feel as “touristy” as, for example, Heidelberg. Hotel rooms in good locations are a bit pricy in Berlin, but the rest is rather cheap for such a metropolis.

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