[0812] The Divine Comedy, Page 10

[0812] The Divine Comedy, Page 10

In the last two years, we received 68 and 82 submissions for our yearly artwork contest. This year, we’ve only received 32 submissions which is not a lot given that the 10 best entries receive prize money. The number of submissions this year is rather comparable to the one in the years 2011 and 2012 when the total prize money was much lower ($200 and $300).

While there are definitely some nice entries this year that deserve to win a prize, I’m nonetheless a bit disappointed by the quantity of this year’s entries, regarding the total number of submissions as well as the number of submissions being worthy of getting into the top 10.

Therefore I have decided to extend the submission period until Saturday. Maybe some artists were put off from submitting something this year by the fierce competition last year. But the competition this year is certainly not as fierce. I need a couple of days to prepare the news entries for the result of the contest anyway.

  • Larisa: I’ll immediately go to Sandra to caution her against visiting the tech expo on Saturday.
  • The Devil: I wouldn’t do that.
  • Larisa: What? Why not?
  • The Devil: The angels always have a dozen back-up plans. It’s best to wait until the last possible moment to thwart their original plan.
  • Larisa: But how should we know what to do in the decisive moment?
  • The Devil: There’s an app for that!
  • The Devil: However, it only runs on a few selected tablets that were manufactured by Foxconn’s offshoot in Dis.
  • The Devil: The search for one of these tablets may lead us to remote and creepy places like the Catacombs of Odessa or Area 51…
  • Larisa: Cool!
  • The Devil: Or to your desk.
  • Larisa: I always knew that thing was possessed!
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