More info about the Sandra and Woo adventure

Have you already read the announcement about the release of the Sandra and Woo adventure game on 5 May 2017?

Here is some more info about Sandra and Woo in the Cursed Adventure:

People have asked if there will also be a Linux version of the game. And the answer to that question is “Yes!” The Linux version will be released just a couple of days after the Windows version if everything works as expected. There may be no Mac version, though, since the game currently doesn’t even start on a Mac.

The developer team is also interested in publishing the game on other distribution platforms such as But for the next few weeks, the Steam version takes priority. For example, it comes with the usual Steam achievements.

If you have played the Steam Greenlight demo chapter, you can expect to see several improvements. Most notably, the developer team has added a good number of funny animations such as the following one:

The game includes several mini games. But if you’re not a fan of mini games, you can make them easier with the help of collected bonus items and even skip the longer and more difficult ones entirely.

In addition to the game, there will also be an expansion pack available for download that includes the soundtrack, a short making-of and various pieces of artwork.

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