[0905] Cicada Decrypt0r

[0905] Cicada Decrypt0r

Update [31 August 2017]: I made this strip available again today. However, please do no longer send Woocoins or any other emails at the given email address. I will NOT answer them anymore!

Here is the email address again: cicada-decrypt0r@yandex.ru

This was wayyyy too much work. Various things I tried didn’t work out at first or took longer than I thought.

I will delete certain comments about the content of the encrypted strip and various other topics related to it. We here at Cicada 3301 want the best, not the followers!

Woocoins don’t count as entry for the fanart contest 2017!

Update [Tuesday, 11:00]: We received 300 Woocoins already! By this rate, we’re going to be rich beyond our wildest dreams! Thank you to everybody who contributed!

Update [Tuesday, 21:25]: All right, the number of sent in Woocoins is slowly going down. It was a pleasure to see all the creative ideas and wonderful art! But I have to put an end to this enormous time sink for me a little earlier than announced in the strip. Point midnight tomorrow, I will take the strip offline. I will then release the hidden strip to the general public in one month as an extra update on 28 August 2017.

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