The 30 best Woocoins

In this news post, I want to present you the 30 best Woocoins we received (according to my subjective taste) as response to our much loved and hated strip #905. We received some really impressive and innovative artwork and we’re very grateful for that!

Here are the top 30 coins in no particular order:

by andre_collier
I like the modern design of this coin.

by Cargo19
I like the idea with the dragon lair.

by Dante
I like the cute drawing of Woo.

by James Walker
I like how some people even did some handicrafts.

by captainbozo01
The German text says: “Please have mercy, oh allmighty Cicada 3301 group!”

by anonymous tapir
I like the presidential drawing of Woo.

by Grayson
I like the detailed drawings.

by Hirumono
I like the drawing of Woo, works well for a coin.

by Jesse N.
I like the drawings of Woo and Sandra.

by Quadricat (website)
I like the pawprints on the edge.

by Frankie
I like the 3D effect of Woo’s arm.

by Ricardo Mosqueda (website)
This was probably the funniest submission.

by Nonmomentus
I like the idea of a wooden Woocoin.

by Kuraimizu
I like the interesting design of this coin.

by rctgamer3
This one just barely missed the top 10. I found the selected drawing of Woo a bit arbitrary for a coin.

by Grobbekee
I like the 3D effect.

by Hope
This very nice coin didn’t make it into the top 10 because it arrived too late after I had already informed the artists of the top 10 coins.

by William
I liked the changed text on the whiteboard.

by Zero
I like the drawing of Woo as a king.

by Sendor
I like the nice drawing of Woo.

Here are the top 10 coins in no particular order:

by Lami
That’s some really nice pixel art!

by Lime Cultivist
I like the drawing of Woo as a king and the 3D effect.

by Isaac Ackerman
I like the nice drawing of Woo.

by Jykia
I like the well-drawn hand and the overall layout.

by Prof_Polymer
I like the innovative design of the coin.

by Tessa (website)
I like the classical look of the coin.

by twarqulas
I like the overall design of the coin.

And here are my three favorite Woocoins in no particular order:

by Aladdinboy (website)
That’s a really well-done 3D overlay! It almost looks like a real coin. According to Google Translate the Latin text says “Never anger Larisa.”

by Jack B. Nimble
That’s a very nice 3D model! I particularly like the paw print in the background.

by sribbleinc (website)
That’s a very nice drawing that shines with the detailed building on tails and the lovely color composition!

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