New fanart: Speedrun and Ciphertext

After my challenge to come up with your own Sandra and Woo speedrun, one of our readers, Lasse, actually submitted one:

Here is what he has to say about his submission:

I present to you a speedrun of Sandra and Woo in only 3.7 panels using the famous, but difficult to execute “XSS strategy.” Doesn’t work in the printed comic, only for the browser-variant. Category: Any%.

Our long-time reader Moatl sent me a ciphertext. In this own words, he took three of my texts, which he calls a “logical” choice, and adjusted them to create the following ciphertext (PDF version):

Since Moatl is German, the base texts may be from our German website. I did not have a thorough look at it yet. But the ciphertext surely look a lot like it’s been written in a shorthand variant. The three paragraphs of the ciphertext certainly correspond to the three texts he spoke of. They are rather short, so my first guess would be that they’re based on the transcripts of Sandra and Woo strips dealing with cryptography.

Time to investigate, I think. I will take the challenge, but next week will be another very busy week for me, so I will do it when I feel like it. You can try it yourself, of course.

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