[1007] Words Of Wisdom

[1007] Words Of Wisdom

Our yearly Gaia artwork contest has just started! The Sandra and Woo artwork contest will follow later this year. The prize money for the Gaia artwork contest is $750! So don’t miss your chance to become one of the winners!

YourFireShop.com actually sells fire pit accessories! Sometimes reality writes the best punchlines.

I wish I were an Instagram “influencer” and got paid for all the product endorsements in Sandra and Woo.

  • Title: YourFireShop.com – We just want to watch the world burn!
  • Caption: BIG SALE! Fire pits and fire pit accessories!
  • Caption: Seal of Approval
  • Larisa: Hot!
  • Larisa: After this short commercial break, we’re back with the next discipline, …
  • Larisa: … a quiz about raccoons!
  • Sandra: Yesssssss…
  • Zoey: Excellent!
  • Sandra: …ssss Wait–
  • Sandra: — what?!
  • Zoey: If you dream of beating your nemesis with her own weapons, you better be prepared!
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