[1096] Incident At McDonalds Restaurant

[1096] Incident At McDonalds Restaurant

“German revolutionaries occupy a station only after buying a platform ticket.” – German saying based on a similar statement by Stalin.

This strip is also a tribute to the last page of the Donald Duck’s story “Incident at McDuck Tower” by Don Rosa, one of the best comic pages of all time.

I posted my report about my visit of the Comic Con 2019 in Stuttgart:

Sandra and Woo: My visit of the Comic Con Stuttgart 2019

  • Sandra: Uh, the traffic light there is broken. It never turns green. You have to cross the street when it’s free.
  • Refugee: I have to cross against the signal?!
  • Sandra: Yeah.
  • Refugee: But… But!!
  • Sandra: Maybe… I can be of help…?
  • Refugee:This red light! It’s so bright! I’m getting vertigo! Oh! Oh! Help!
  • Refugee: Help me over… Easy… Easy… Whew! There! Finally!
  • Sandra: I’m afraid the integration of the Germans into our society will be more difficult than expected.
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