[1119] Hulk Smash!

[1119] Hulk Smash!

On the following page you can find all the info about this year’s Sandra and Woo + Gaia artwork contest which comes with $5000 prize money!

  • Caption: Webcomic readers get bored easily. So let’s skip Sandra’s meltdown and the following days of agony and instead take a look at what happens exactly one week later.
  • Email: Yes, horses are nice too. But can you please answer my first question about the problem with your shop?

    Haha, sorry about that. Sometimes I get distracted easily. Anyway, if you like my work, you can find my most recent stuff on my Instagram account. I also sometimes post sketches and WiPs on my Facebook page.

  • Sandra: He… still hasn’t answered my question…!
  • Sandra: Hulk smash!
  • Police officer: It’s green, it’s angry, and it’s heading downtown!
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