[1122] Masters And Slaves

[1122] Masters And Slaves

On the following page you can find all the info about this year’s Sandra and Woo + Gaia artwork contest which comes with $5000 prize money!

In response to the controversy surrounding Blizzard, we completed this strip as quickly as possible. Here’s the one published yesterday in case you missed it:

Sandra and Woo: [1121] Party Hard!!

  • J. Allen Brack: This concludes our presentation of T-Sam, the first transgender Overwatch heroine!
  • J. Allen Brack: We here at Blizzard firmly believe that people of all races, genders, and religious beliefs should be represented in our games!
  • Xinnie the Pooh: Mmmm, delicious Uyghur organs!
  • J. Allen Brack: Could you please not do that here?!
  • Xinnie the Pooh: Shut up, slave, and get me another spleen!
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