[1125] Laid-Back Lifestyle

[1125] Laid-Back Lifestyle

I’m sorry for posting the new strip one day late.

There will be only one new strip next week. Maybe Powree can draw a little illustration as replacement…

Check out the first results of our artwork contest!

Update: More results from our artwork contest!

  • Man: My boy snatched my drill yesterday. I was barely able to stop him before he turned his room into Swiss cheese.
  • Woman: My daughter went on a big shopping spree at Amazon last week!
  • Man: You’re lucky, Mrs. Williams! Your kids are never up to such nonsense!
  • Woman: Must be nice not to have to be on your guard 24 hours a day.
  • Ye Thuza: Yeah, it’s really laid-back…
  • Caption: The day before.
  • Yuna: I wonder what happens when I put a piece of molybdenum here.
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