[1301] Backtalk

[1301] Backtalk

This is the last chance to order the Gaia anthology, the Sandra and Woo hardcover and the other books (or PDFs) offered in our Kickstarter campaign for The Complete Gaia!

If you’re interested, please go to our PledgeBox store!

You can pay with credit card (my preferred payment method since the fees are lower) or PayPal.

I plan to close the store next Monday, 1 November 2021, so that I know how many copies of each book I need to print.

  • Landon: Larisa, are you– WHAT THE [CENSORED]?!
  • Landon: Please forgive me, Lord, for I used a dirty word, but… WHAT THE [CENSORED]?!!
  • Cloud: I’ll explain everything.
  • Caption: Shortly afterwards.
  • Zoey: What will we play at the school festival?
  • Cloud: Maybe “Eagle” from ABBA, “Rolling in the Deep” from Adele, and “Kiss of Life”.
  • Larisa: No, you won’t!
  • Cloud: We won’t?
  • Larisa: That’s right!
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