[1340] MH370 until proven otherwise

[1340] MH370 until proven otherwise

I tried my best to create a new comic without an artist, re-using art from older comics.

Update [08.12.2023]: The satellite video has been proven fake! The original photographs of the clouds have been found. Jonas De Ro, a concept artist and illustrator, took them from a plane near Mt. Fuji in 2012, two years before the incident.

On the following page, you can find more info about the MH370 UFO exposed as hoax.

  • Larisa: Have you already heard? The guys from reddit.com/r/ufos dug up some UFO footage from 2014.
  • Sandra: What’s it this time, a sky lantern or a bird?
  • Larisa: Three spherical UFOs zapping Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 into another dimension!
  • Sandra: That’s a new low, even for those featherbrains.
  • Larisa: Well, take a look at the videos first.
  • Sandra: I’ll debunk those faster than Snopes alternative facts by Donald Trump!
  • Caption: 10 hours later…
  • Sandra: I’ll be sleeping with my lights on tonight…
  • Larisa: You can find the videos below the comic. And don’t forget to short aviation stocks!
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