Commission ideas

Sandra and Woo commission ideas

  1. A carnivorous pine squirrel (named Ruth) sitting on a campfire next to a European squirrel (named Sid) whom she’s offering a piece of her roasted “wolf pup on a stick”.
    [2 animals, background]
    – Ruth is a carnivorous pine squirrel and a good friend of the European squirrel Sid. Ruth and Sid are sitting next to each other in front of a typical forest campfire: IMG. Ruth is holding a wooden stick, but she’s not roasting a sausage, but a wolf pup. No wolf pups have appeared in S&W yet, only adult wolves: 1, 2. Ruth is offering a piece of the wolf pup to Sid. She has detached one of the wolf pup’s legs and is now trying to hand it to Sid. There is a small word bubble above her head: “Want a leg?” Sid, halfway turned around towards her, has raised his hand defensively like in panel 3 of IMG. There is also a small word bubble above Sid’s head: “N… no.”
    Sid: 1, 2, 3. Note the tuft of hair on top of his ears.
    Ruth: 1, 2. Note her scarf.
  2. A group drawing based on this sketch inspired by the webcomic Lackadaisy.
    [8 animals (2 full, 6 partial), already sketched]
    This commission requires the ability to work on model and particularly good coloration skills.
    – The drawing features the following animal characters: Woo, Woo’s mate Lily, the European squirrel Sid, the pine squirrel Ruth, the fox Shadow, Shadow’s kits Rocky and Rose, and an unknown raccoon.
    – Examples of Lackadaisy’s art style: 1, 2.
    Woo: 1, 2. Note his tail pattern [dark, bright, dark, bright, dark], and the shape of his mask.
    Lily: 1, 2, 3. Note her special tail pattern [bright, dark (with thin bright line), bright, dark (with thin bright line), bright, dark], her furry chest, the cut on her left (seen from the front) ear, and her brighter mask.
    Sid: 1, 2.
    Ruth: 1, 2.
    Shadow: 1, 2.
    Rocky: 1.
    Rose: 1
  3. A Set of 3 drawings:
    [3.a] A female raccoon (named Butterfly) and a male raccoon (named Flint) in front of the K2.
    [3.b] Butterfly and Flint climbing the K2.
    [3.c] Butterfly and Flint on the summit of the K2.
    [2 animals, background] x 3
    – Butterfly is the best climber of all raccoons. Flint is her new climbing partner. Butterfly’s next mission is to climb the K2 in Pakistan, the 2nd highest summit in the world and one of the most difficult climbs in the world. This series of drawings should show her progress as if they were the covers of postcards she’s sending to her friend Woo. It may look good to make the drawings look like actual postcards, e.g. with a short hand-written greeting on it. But that depends on your drawing style and you should first show me a version without it.
    [3.a] Butterfly (left side) and Flint (right side) are standing in front of the K2: IMG. Butterfly has laid her arm around Flint’s shoulder. They are posing for a photo before the ascend. Butterfly and Flint should probably be wearing mountaineering equipment so that it looks more interesting. It should look a little old-fashioned. I think these clothes look good, just without the helmets and glasses: IMG.
    [3.b] Butterfly and Flint are climbing the K2. It’s important that a scene from the actual K2 is used. Here are three possible reference photos, I think the 3rd one looks the most interesting, but the first two could also work well: 1, 2, 3. Butterfly and Flint do not use pickaxes for climbing, but they are carrying backpacks on their back.
    [3.c] Butterfly and Flint are standing on the summit of the K2: IMG. Butterfly is putting a flag into the snowy ground like in the last panel of IMG. The flag is showing a raccoon front paw (IMG) inside a black circle. But the flag should be smaller than in the linked comic strip since it would be very impractical to carry such a large flag to the top of the mountain. Their backpacks are lying in the snow next to them.
    – A single artist should draw all three images of the series.
    Butterfly: 1, 2. Note her tail pattern [dark, bright, dark, bright, dark, bright, dark, bright], and the butterfly-like shape of her mask. There is no colored version of her.
    Flint: 1, 2. Note the zig-zag tail pattern [dark, bright, dark, bright, dark, bright], and his brighter, rounder mask. There is no colored version of him.
  4. Guardians of the Galaxy crossover: Sandra, Woo and Rocket Raccoon being stranded on a spaceship parking lot.
    [1 human, 2 animals, very detailed background]
    A lot of stuff is happening in this Guardians of the Galaxy crossover so the drawing has to be really large to show all of it. Sandra, Woo and Rocket Raccoon are stranded on a spaceship parking lot on a distant planet because Rocket’s spaceship has a defect: 1, 2. The spaceship is visible in the background. There’s a dust cloud emerging from it to illustrate that it’s defect. Rocket Raccoon is angrily hitting the spaceship with his foot, like the angry owner of a car would hit the car’s wheel. In the foreground, Sandra is looking annoyed at Woo. There’s a word bubble above her head with the following content: “I was already skeptical when you said your new friend wants to take us on a trip!”. There is an electronic billboard next to them which reads “Breakdown ship will arrive in 42 norm minutes (523 earth days).” There are also two drinking fountains. The sign attached to the first one reads: “Water”. The sign attached to the second one reads: “Quicksilver”. There are also some small animals visible, not much larger than a songbird. I propose to make them look like basic geometric shapes (pyramid, cube, cylinder, …) with small arms and legs and really cute faces.
    Sandra: 1, 2, 3. Note the shape of her ponytail.
    Woo: 1, 2. Note his tail pattern [dark, bright, dark, bright, dark], and the shape of his mask.
    Rocket Raccoon: 1, 2.
  5. A replication of this screenshot from Final Fantasy 7 with Sandra and Cloud.
    [2 humans, background, no layout work needed]
    Simply redraw the screenshot in high resolution and put Sandra and our Cloud on the crates. Sandra should wear the same turquoise dress as Tifa.
    Sandra: 1, 2, 3. Note the shape of her ponytail.
    Cloud: 1, 2, 3. Note the tuft of hair pointing backwards.
  6. Team Fortress crossover: Larisa, a pyromaniac, creating a much larger flame with her flamethrower than Pyro with his.
    [2 humans, background]
    – Larisa and Pyro from Team Fortress are holding a contest who’s able to create the longer flame with a flamethrower. Pyro is holding his usual flamethrower: 1, 2. Larisa’s flamethrower has a more traditional design: 1, 2, 3. They are outside, maybe on a parking lot so there’s enough space for the flame. Larisa’s flame is considerably larger and longer than Pyro’s. Larisa has turned her head and is giving Pyro a boastful look. There’s a word bubble above Larisa’s head: “Amateur!” Pyro has also turned his head halfway into Larisa’s direction.
    Larisa: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Larisa has blond hair and green eyes. She has 4 knots in her braid, but that can be changed if the drawing works better with a different number of knots. She has small breasts and is neither completely flat, nor does she have large breasts.
  7. A female classmate of Sandra (named Zoey) lying on her bed and looking love-struck at a photograph of her friend Michelle.
    [2 humans (1 full, 1 head), background]
    – The lesbian girl Zoey is lying on her bed in her bedroom. She is lying on her belly. She is holding a photograph of her friend Michelle in her right hand. She is giving the photograph a love-struck look with a heart symbol above her head. Zoey is wearing a t-shirt and dark pants. The photograph is showing a portrait of Michelle. It is inside a photo frame. While the camera is focused on the bed, the small rest of the room should not be completely empty but look like a real room of a teenage girl.
    Zoey (the girl with the black hair): 1, 2.
    Michelle: 1, 2. Michelle has brown hair in the comic strip 1 linked above, but you should draw with her dark blond hair.
  8. A female classmate of Sandra (named Luna) wearing a truly beautiful dress as a model on the catwalk.
    [1+x humans, background]
    – Luna’s classmate is wearing a beautiful dress. I think the one in the last two panels of IMG would be a good basis for your design of the dress. The dress shouldn’t have too many assecoires, but the more beautiful it looks, the better. Like a fashion model, she is walking on a catwalk: IMG. The camera is showing her not directly from the front, but a little from the side like in the linked image. The camera is focused on her, so not much of the background is visible. You don’t have to draw the audience. Luna is looking really happy with a smile on her face.
    Luna (the girl with the black hairs, there is no colored version of her): 1, 2. She’s hispanic, so her skin color should be similar to the girl on the left: IMG.
  9. A set of 2 drawings:
    [9.a] Larisa “destroying” a painting by Mark Rothko by overpainting it with a paint roller.
    [9.b] Larisa “destroying” a painting by Jackson Pollock by spraying paint on it.

    [1 human, background] x 2
    [9.a] Larisa, who is not fond of modern art, is “destroying” a painting by Mark Rothko by overpainting it with a paint roller. The painting is hanging in a museum, so the background consists of a very simple room such as IMG. Larisa is standing on a typical household ladder. A paint bucket is standing on the ladder’s top step: IMG. Larisa is holding a paint roller in her right hand. She is painting over the painting as it were a house wall in need of a new coat of paint. Rothko’s painting are large: IMG.
    [9.b] Similiar to the [9.A] drawing, Larisa is now “destroying” a painting by Jackson Pollock by spraying paint on it. The painting is hanging in a museum. There are serveral possibilites how she could spray the paint on it. One possibility would be with a water pistol. Another possibility would be a cleaning agent spray can: IMG. It’s important that it’s obvious that (red) paint is coming out of the device instead of water or something else. The paint drops should be clearly visible on the painting, but also not look too out of place regarding the nature of Pollock’s drop paintings. Pollock’s painting are also large: IMG.
    – Of course you can copy one each artist’s original paintings. But there are several things to consider: It must have a very large resolution so that you don’t have to increase its size. The lighting must be adjusted so that it doesn’t feel out-of-place. Don’t mess up the perspective distortion when setting it into perspective.
    Larisa: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Larisa has blond hair and green eyes. She has 4 knots in her braid, but that can be changed if the drawing works better with a different number of knots. She has small breasts and is neither completely flat, nor does she have large breasts.
  10. [2 humans, 1 animal, background] Sandra, Cloud and Woo enjoy a winter day in front of the fireplace.
  11. [1 human, 1 animal, background, already sketched] Sandra and Woo enjoy a sunny day on a tree branch based on this sketch.
    This commission requires the ability to work on model and particularly good coloration skills.
    – The format of the sketch is too small, but you can keep the camera orientation and Sandra and Woo just like they are. However, it would probably look better if you could move the camera a little away from Sandra and Woo to show a bit more of the environment. This drawing is inspired by the following Calvin and Hobbes artwork: IMG. But I would actually prefer if it were a sunny summer day instead of autumn so that it doesn’t look too similar to it. Maybe make the tree a cherry tree and add a few ripe red cherries. This may look good, but I’m not sure. But definitely no cherry blossom! Sandra should wear a t-shirt and shorts.
  12. [2 animals, background] A red fox (named Shadow) giving his wife Echo an unusual valentines gift.
    – In the forest, Shadow is handing his wife Echo a special valentines gift, a rabbit carcass! While it’s not completely rotten, it’s looking rather disgusting to the human eye: IMG. Echo, however, is apparently very happy about the gift. There is a red ribbon around the belly of the dead rabbit. Shadow and Echo are standing in front of their den (see the second reference picture for Echo below). This commission idea has a similar theme as this old Sandra and Woo fanart: IMG.
    – Reference images for Shadow: 1, 2.
    – Reference images for Echo: 1, 2.

Gaia commission ideas

Reference images for the main characters:

  • Ilias: 1, 2.
  • Ryn: 1, 2.
  • Sandril: 1, 2, 3.
  • Lilith: 1, 2, 3.
  • Viviana: 1, 2, 3. Viviana had multiple hairstyles in the comic, but you should use the one in the 1st and 2nd reference page. Viviana has big blue eyes and a round nose. She has rather big breasts, but don’t make them look oversized.
  • Alissa: 1, 2 (panel 5), 3.
  1. A steampunk-inspired drawing of Viviana building a robot.
    [1 human, 1 robot, very detailed background]
    – Create a detailed drawing based on the second last panel of this page in a steampunk setting. Viviana is currently building a robot in a steampunk workshop. She’s wearing appropriate clothes for a steampunk engineer. The robot in the linked page looks pretty good already, but it would be good if it looked a little different. Google again has many references for steampunk robots.
    – See additional references and info about Viviana above.
  2. Lilith casting an impressive magical firework.
    [1 human, very simple background]
    – Lilith is casting some kind of impressive, magical firework. See panel 5 of this page as an example for such a firework. But in this drawing, Lilith should cast the firework with her staff, which can be seen on the cover. She is either wearing the dress from the cover, which can be seen on this page from the front, or a dress you design yourself. The dress should not be too baroque or a highly unpractical wizard robe, but similar in style to the one on the cover with red as its main color. Lilith’s face must be visible. Lilith should be standing outside, at night. The environment has to be very dark so that the firework stands out. The night sky has no stars and no moon! The firework consists of lovely light effects. This may include glowing flowers, butterflies, bird shapes, magical symbols or runes, geometric shapes, etc. But it should be harmonic, don’t simply use one element of each type.
  3. Viviana sitting on the throne of A Game of Thrones.
    [1 human, background]
    – Viviana is sitting on the iron throne of A Game of Thrones: 1, 2, 3. The throne is standing in its original location: 1, 2, but the environment can be so dark that it’s only apparent that the throne is standing on a stone floor instead of a completely empty background. Viviana is wearing Joffrey’s crown. She should be wearing a dress that is similar to the one seen in the following pages: 1, 2, including the necklace with the yellow stone and the sandals. However, the dress she’s wearing should be yellow and black instead of violet, because yellow and black are the colors of her home country Ileasaar. I suspect that a format that is higher than wide works better for this commission.
    – See additional reference links and info about Viviana above.
  4. Lilith looking creeped out at a large number of robots which look exactly like herself, similar to this scene from I, Robot.
    [1+x humans, simple background]
    – An important part of the story featured a robot that looked exactly like Lilith. In this drawing, Lilith is looking creeped out a large number of such robots. The robots are neatly aligned: IMG. Lilith and the robots are wearing Lilith’s standard dress: 1, 2. Lilith differs from the robots by carrying her staff. Regarding Lilith’s pose and facial expression, the last panel of this page goes in the right direction. You will have to come up with a way to draw the large number of robots efficiently. A simple copy-and-paste usually makes the outlines too thin after a certain point of size reduction. However, there don’t have to be as many robots as in the linked I, Robot scene. The robots are standing in a hall with white-grayish colored stone walls and a little darker ground (or the other way round). The linked scene from I, Robot looks pretty nice already, but the layout does not seem optimal.
  5. Ilias, as a 12 year old boy, looking love-struck at Lilith as she’s introduced as new student to his class.
    [3-4 humans, background]
    – The middle-aged male history teacher of Ilias’ class is introducing Lilith as new student. Ilias and Lilith are 12 years old. Lilith is standing next to the teacher who is standing in front of the class next to his desk. There’s a typcial blackboard on the wall behind the teacher’s desk. Ilias is sitting in the first row on a wooden chair in front of a typical wooden student desk. He is giving Lilith a love-struck look since he immediately has developed a crush on her. One or more hearts might be drawn above his head. Lilith is smiling and looking very cute. There’s a male classmate sitting next to Ilias, but you can try to avoid drawing him by using a fitting perspective. The perspective is also a little tricky since Ilias’ as well as Lilith’s face should at least be partially visible.
    – Lilith as 12 year old girl: 1, 2 (panel 4 with her healing Ilias’ knee). The length of her hair should be between 1 and 2.
    – Ilias as 12 year old boy: 1 (panel 4 again)
  6. A wizard (named Eldor) as puppet master playing with Lilith and the king as his marionettes.
    [3 humans, simple background]
    – Eldor, the powerful wizard and main antagonist of the heroes, is depicted as a puppet master in this drawing. Eldor should wear a blue robe similar to the one in the two reference images. He is playing puppets with Lilith and King Olrik as his marionettes: 1, 2, 3. Lilith is wearing the dress which can be seen here: 1, 2, 3. I’d prefer him using a wooden cross instead of his fingers to steer the marionettes. Lilith and the king could be drawn realistically, just with strings attached to them, or puppet-like. Puppet-like would probably look better, but would also be considerably more difficult to get it right for an artist not familiar with the characters. If you think you can do it, then give it a try. Lilith and the king should not be fighting against each other. They’re not interacting with each other. Lilith has just lifted the arm with her staff to cast a spell at an unseen enemy. The king may be just giving a speech, for example.
    Eldor: 1, 2.
    King Olrik: 1.
  7. Ilias and Sandril playing video games on a magical console and Lilith looking annoyed at them: “I should never have invented video games!”
    [3 humans, background]
    – Like two typical “gamers on a couch”, Ilias and Sandril are sitting on a couch: IMG. They are holding controllers of a magical console, playing a video game. The console has a large bright blue glowing ball inside it. There are no cables of any kind. Of course there’s also a magical TV screen. The content of the TV screen must not be visible since Ilias and Sandril should be shown (diagonally) from the front. Sandril is wearing the clothes seen in the reference pages for him. Ilias is wearing the clothes seen in this page. Ilias is wearing normal house shoes. To make things funnier, Sandril is wearing funny animal house shoes: IMG. It would be cool if you could make them look like dragons instead of sheep. Lilith has invented the magical video game system they’re using. Ilias and Sandril are completely captivated by the action. Lilith is quite unhappy about it, like the annoyed mother of a teenager who’s spending all his time playing games. There’s a word bubble above her, saying: “I should never have invented video games!” She is wearing the dress seen in this page, but without the cloak and also with normal house shoes.
  8. Lilith with angel wings: A beautiful bright blue wing on the left side. A decaying, rotten red wing on the right side.
    [1 very detailed human]
    – This drawing is showing Lilith directly from the front. She is standing on the ground that is very dark gray, and the background is entirely black. The whole drawing should be symmetrical. Magical angel wings are drawn behind her. On the left side there is a beautiful bright blue wing. Most reference images of angel wings are either representational with traditional bird feathers (IMG), or consist of a special effect that only sorta look like wings (IMG). I’d like something in between. This one is going in the right direction: IMG. On Lilith’s right side there is a rotten dark red wing, maybe with some black parts. It should look as if the wing from the left side had suffered from a terrible, demonic illness. Lilith is wearing the dress which can be seen here: 1, 2, 3. There should be some (mysterious) sadness in Lilith’s expression, like shown very well in this photo: IMG.
  9. Ilias’ and Viviana’s wedding with Viviana wearing a beautiful flower dress.
    [3 humans, background]
    – This drawing is showing the (possible) future wedding of Ilias and Viviana. I think it’s sufficient to show Ilias, Viviana and the priest: 1, 2. However, religion is pretty different on Gai with a heavy emphasis on nature and in particular the “spring” season. Viviana should not be wearing a white dress, but a colorful flowery dress. I like the design of this one, but it’s not colorful enough: 1. So take the color composition of this one instead: 2. The priest is actually a priestess. She should resemble a celtic druid, wearing a green druid robe. This reference image is pretty good: IMG. Ilias is wearing a festive, slightly military suit such as the one seen in this page. They are inside a temple which is based on nature themes with flowers, bright colors and colorful windows.
  10. Viviana, as a 10 year old girl, as part of an adventure group who’s fighting against monsters in a dungeon.
    [3 humans, 1 monster, background]
    – This drawing should feature Viviana as a 10 year old girl when she was part of an adventure group. The other members of the adventure group can be seen in the following two pages: 1, 2. They are fighting a terrifying monster in a classical dungeon such as the linked one. Arty is casting an attack spell at the monster. Gradus is protecting Viviana. Viviana is holding her shortsword. Gradus is holding a longsword. Salacea is shooting a magic arrow at the monster. Milo is casting a spell to magically enhance Gradus’ sword. It is probably sufficient to draw 2 human characters in addition to Viviana since the drawing would become too crowded otherwise. You should probably draw Gradus and Arty. In particular, you should not show Salacea shooting the arrow because there’s another commission showing a female fighter shooting an arrow at a monster. There are a lot of possibilites for the monster (called “shadow creature” on Gaia) design. It should be considerably larger than a human, but not colossal. It should not be too muscular or massive, I’d prefer something fierce and reasonably fast. Its main colors should be black and red, in particular not blue. They’re fighting the monster in the ruins of the headquarter of a wizard guild.
    Arty: Male wizard with black hairs and black robe.
    Gradus: Male rogue/fighter with brown hairs (page 2, panel 4).
    Milo: Male wizard/fighter with headscarf (page 2, panel 3).
    Salacea: Female archer/fighter (page 2, panel 5). Additional reference images: 1.
  11. San, a female wizard, riding a golden dragon.
    [1 human, 1 dragon, background]
    – The female wizard San is riding the large golden dragon Xarlaxe. She is sitting on its back like on a horse. They’re flying over a lovely landscape. San should wear the same clothes as in the reference image. The camera should show the dragon and San diagonally from the front and be positioned above them like in your drawing: IMG. It’s an undisturbed flight, the dragon is just making a slight turn in the air and/or looks to the side so that he’s not completely straight which would look dull. Like the woman in the reference images, San is holding onta a lace around the dragon’s neck and sitting on a saddle which is attached around the dragon’s chest: 1, 2. It’s sunny with a few white clouds. If the sky is visible, don’t draw the sun since there’s none on Gaia! The landscape is visible below them. It consists of green hills such as those seen in the first panel of this page. It would be good if in the distance a small part of the canyon can be seen. But the arena should not be visible. The landscape mustn’t be drawn with much detail, though.
    San: 1, 2.
    Dragon: 1, 2.
  12. [2 humans, background] A series of 3 drawings showing the main characters enjoying a lovely summer day at a lake shore.
    – This series of drawings show the main characters enjoying a lovely summer day at the shore of a forest lake with a small beach: IMG. The male characters are wearing swimming trunks such as IMG. The female characters are wearing bikinis such as IMG. All images should have a “feel-good atmosphere”.
    [12.a] Lilith and her boyfriend Sandril are playing badminton with each other: 1, 2. They shouldn’t be too far apart from each other. The main color of Sandril’s swimming trunks is black. The main color of Lilith’s bikini is red.
    [12.b] Viviana is running behind Ilias, trying to shoot him with a water pistol. While running, Ilias has turned his head backwards to see what Viviana is doing. He’s carrying a similar water pistol, but he’s clearly in the defense now. The water pistols should have a non-traditional shape with a more cylindrical look than usual. Similar to this, but shorter: IMG. Viviana’s bikini is yellow-black. The main color of Ilias’ swimming trunks is green.
    [12.c] Ryn has built a sand castle that looks very much like the castle of Aracona: 1, 2. Alissa is sitting next to him with a sand castle that doesn’t look much like anything, as if a small child made it. She’s giving Ryn’s castle a very jealous look. Ryn is giving his castle just the finishing touches with a smile on his face. The main color of Alissa’s bikini is green. The main color of Ryn’s swimming trunks is yellow.
  13. [1 human, 1 monster, background] Alissa shooting a fire arrow at a monster in a dungeon or castle ruin.
    – The archer Alissa is just shooting a (magical) fire arrow (IMG) at an approaching monster in a dungeon. Make the scene look as dynamic as possible. The camera could also be positioned diagonally behind Alissa which would probably make the approaching monster look more intimidating: IMG. Alissa should wear classical ranger/adventurer clothes. Make sure that she’s using a proper archery technique: 1, 2, 3. Her bow should have roughly the size of Katniss’ bow: IMG. It’s a nice looking composite bow: 1, 2. There are a lot of possibilites for the monster (called “shadow creature” on Gaia) design. It should be considerably larger than Alissa, but not colossal. It should not be too muscular or massive, I’d prefer something fierce and reasonably fast. Its main colors should be black and red, in particular not blue. She is fighting the monster in the old, partially collapsed, dwarfen stronghold. If you draw her on the surface it should already be pretty dark outside. If you draw her in a dungeon-like environment, the surroundings definitely shouldn’t be too narrow. In any case, the monster shouldn’t be at arm’s length of Alissa so that attacking it with an arrow still makes sense.
    – The very big fortress is built out of a mountain like seen nicely in IMG. But the elevation is not that high so there’s only snow at the mountaintops. The interior of the fortress is connected to a very large area of dwarven caverns. There’s an entire underground city next to the fortress’ main building. Plus, there are crystal and mineral mines. Here are two nice reference images for the interior that I found: Here is how the main building close to the surface could look after all the fighting of the great war and over 1,000 years of decay (minus the fires): IMG. Here is how the main building could look when seen from the mines. There should be more debris, though: IMG. Some rune shapes on a stone wall are always nice for a dwarven environment. Strict, edgy geometric shapes are predominant in the dwarven architecture.