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by PMark
27 Aug 2014, 21:15
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Topic: Is Lilith San's "Sister"?
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Re: Is Lilith San's "Sister"?

#3 The blast at Lilith in the Academy attack. While the outfit on the mage who launched that last attack superficially resembles Eldor's costume later on when he visited her in her cell, there are a number of significant differences. To settle the question, Novil was asked point blank in his questio...
by PMark
15 Feb 2013, 18:39
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Topic: Viviana's Gown
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Viviana's Gown

Viviana's outfit starting in Shadowdancers-80 is quite attractive. I think Ilias would be wise to give some serious thought to maybe getting over Lilith and start considering Viviana's cover story of her being his fiancé. I do have one concern. The gown doesn't seem to be that practical for the job ...
by PMark
14 Feb 2013, 13:25
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Topic: Prison security
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Re: Prison security

You might be on to something.

For myself, I noticed the corridor and other rooms in panel #77. This is on the old map. When they get the new map, what is going to be changed? What is going to be covered up and forgotten by the current prison personnel?
by PMark
14 Feb 2013, 13:10
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Topic: Gaia, after First Look
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A minor quibble

I stumbled across your comic over at MangaMagazine. I read it straight through. To make a long story short, I like it very much. It's well drawn, well thought out, and well plotted. Count me as a regular reader. I really like the character Viviana, but then I generally do like strong, smart, capable...