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by AHWilliamPenn
28 Dec 2014, 00:43
Forum: Sandra and Woo
Topic: Fanart sketch
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Re: Fanart sketch

I like it. I merges Novil's and Watterson's styles really well.
by AHWilliamPenn
26 Dec 2014, 19:02
Forum: Sandra and Woo
Topic: How Serendipitous
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How Serendipitous

Look! Asian beauties!
by AHWilliamPenn
11 Aug 2014, 04:10
Forum: Sandra and Woo
Topic: A very enjoyable read.
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Re: A very enjoyable read.

Oh my god, forum activity! :o Novil has said that he's glad no one uses the forums because he doesn't want to have to do all of the administration stuff. I do wish the forums had more activity though, because the Gunnerkrigg forums are delightful.