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by Yak_Forger
30 Jun 2019, 19:45
Forum: Gaia
Topic: Potential game
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Re: Potential game

On one hand, I'm disappointed that the game is highly unlikely to become a thing, as there has been no update since 2015. On the other hand, I feel reassured; I'm likely to spend a good chunk of this summer doing a large scale market analysis based on this property in Cyprus, among other things, whi...
by Yak_Forger
30 Jun 2019, 19:17
Forum: Discussion board
Topic: Voynich manuscript
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Re: Voynich manuscript

It'd make sense for it to be written in Hebrew, a language that was seen as holy but that wasn't nearly as widely known as Greek or Latin. But then, there are people claiming they've decoded the Voynich manuscript every couple years, and it's still an enigma today...
by Yak_Forger
30 Jun 2019, 15:55
Forum: Discussion board
Topic: How to remove malware on chrome?
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Re: How to remove malware on chrome?

What antivirus software have you used? I've got good results with Kaspersky, but I know that some others aren't nearly as successful.
by Yak_Forger
29 Jun 2019, 16:51
Forum: Introduce yourself / Plug your stuff
Topic: Yak_Forger checks in
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Yak_Forger checks in

Hello everyone, I've recently discovered Sandra and Woo thanks to a friend who's into webcomics as well, and after spending 2 hours in a row just reading it, I figured I had to join the community! So, I'm 28, play the guitar, draw manga and make plane models, and I read a lot of webcomics, nice to m...