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by kitsune
29 Sep 2009, 18:59
Forum: Discussion board
Topic: Favourite list – Art edition
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Re: Favourite list – Art edition

Favourite comic: Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro Favourite comic character: Condorito xD Favourite comic strip: Over the hedge Favourite webcomic: Rpg world comic Favourite active webcomic: octopus pie Favourite single strip: dont have one Favourite book: Bloody April by Santiago Roncagliolo Favourite ga...
by kitsune
29 Sep 2009, 18:49
Forum: Comics
Topic: More cartoonists losing my respect…
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Re: More cartoonists losing my respect…

Ok DC simpson, was a great artist that bringed us Ozy and Millie, hell i love that comic, Tim to time I search for the archives...well..really, but now...whats up with him, Raine dog...I dont hate her, but its not really that funny...even if it tries to hard...then I dont mind fetishes, but when you...
by kitsune
05 Jan 2009, 21:08
Forum: Sandra and Woo
Topic: Feedback: Best of
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Re: Feedback: Best of

bah, forums are usually more fun than comment per page, or something, anyway, nice comic, and well keep up XD