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by Ninja Skunk
16 Feb 2009, 00:38
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Topic: Josh Nickerson's The Nolans
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Josh Nickerson's The Nolans

It's not my comic, but hey, I like it, and Josh Nickerson's comic definitely shows its Calvin & Hobbes inspiration just like Sandra and Woo does. While it may not be quite as fancy as Sandra and Woo is, Josh updates three times a week and very rarely misses an update (e.g. once every several months,...
by Ninja Skunk
16 Feb 2009, 00:20
Forum: Comics
Topic: My rare Calvin and Hobbes memorabilia
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Re: My rare Calvin and Hobbes memorabilia

About why Bill Watterson was so adamant against merchandising...well, let's see if I can get it all together and say what I know. To start at the beginning, Watterson actually wasn't completely "dead-set against" merchandising. However, as Watterson said, anything he considered has violated, he felt...