Hello! Read my book :D

You can introduce yourself here. This is also the right place to advertise your website, comic, art gallery, etc. Please no business opportunities involving the widows of undead Nigerian prime ministers. Thank you.
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Hello! Read my book :D

Post by Omugoshi » 14 Jul 2012, 04:56


I'm a fairly new reader of Gaia (about a month) and I am absolutely in love with the series, it fits perfectly with my taste and the story is so far magnificent.
I just now decided to join the forum and I saw "Plug your stuff" so I though, what the hell :p
So I thought I'd plug my book in progress.
I realize its not in style of the comic but I like to take any opportunity to promote it :)
It is very much inspired by alot of Hemingway's work, but completely original (except for a few Firefly references).
I'd love for anyone to read it and I am completely open to constructive critisism if you should have any. I release chapters when they're two chapters behind whats actually been written, I.E I will release chapter four when chapter six is finished.

Any read is very appreciated!
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