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Post by pokeman92 » 26 Dec 2013, 19:33

Hi, love the Sandra and Woo comic. I discovered it yesterday and somehow spent my entire Christmas Day reading the archive! I don't read too many comics so this isn't exactly normal for me, but I wanted to join and just say that I really enjoyed the comic. I particularly like how the writers don't seem to be afraid to take jokes further than most or explore situations that cannot be explored in regular syndicated comic strips, and in addition there's definitely a uniqueness to it that makes the comic stand out from the others I have read recently.

I write a few fanfiction pieces on my deviantart account and I understand the difficulties and complexities in editing my own stories and developing characters/plot, which would be even more difficult if I had to post my stories in a language that I did not grow up learning (I believe the author of the comic is German?). This in particular impresses me, as found no more than one or two awkwardly worded panels or small typos. The characters seem very consistent and rarely if ever fall out of character for a joke. The only strip I remember clearly where I thought the joke just completely fell flat was #88 (I think it took me about 5 minutes to figure out what might be funny about it, and even then I wasn't sure). Otherwise I hardly saw any panels that were just bad or poorly done, so great job on the quality standards!

I can't really comment on or criticize the artwork too much (As a perfectionist, my own experience dabbling in artwork is pretty much summed up as "Get an awesome idea and spend several hours trying to draw it, only to give up with nothing to show but a trash can full of papers!"). Having said that I like the artwork very much! It's very consistent and not overly complex, plus the colored pages are excellent!

I think I'll become a regular reader, so I hope the staff keeps up the good work!
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