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Hello fellow readers!

Posted: 08 Aug 2014, 17:47
by 123mine123
I DID SOMETHING HORRIBLE! I've finished all teh current Sandra and Woo pages. D:

So let me introduce myself by not telling my real name.
However, in the internet, I'm mostly known as 123mine123 or jkssn. Or both. It's the username I always use.

As a hobby, I draw!
I consider myself a very dedicated hobbyist who try to improve but with the most unorthodox way possible, but I don't care as long as I'm having fun. xD
But my art skills are still terrible so I try to improve. Good thing this webcomic is motivating me to draw and to participate next year's fan art contest! :D

I guess that's it..
Not really much to me. I'm just an all around normal guy. Well I also like video games, but mostly everyone does.

So thanks for reading this intro, I guess..
If you want, you can check me out over at Newgrounds for my artz..
I have a Deviant Art account, but I kinda don't use it now.