Hello and greetings!

You can introduce yourself here. This is also the right place to advertise your website, comic, art gallery, etc. Please no business opportunities involving the widows of undead Nigerian prime ministers. Thank you.
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Hello and greetings!

Post by Tattorack » 17 May 2015, 19:50

Hi, my name is Tattorack (OK, not really, but...).

I'm an artist myself and focus mainly on science fiction.
I got my own universe I call Deep Space, and you can find most there of posted on my Deviant art.
I go there by the same name as here... in fact, Tattorack is the only name I go by anywhere on the interwebs.
You can search my name on google and the first 50 results or so are all garunteed to be me ;) (don't shoot me for showing off a little!)
I also have own web comic of which I've posted around 20 pages of but... its been on hiatus for a while now since I moved to Denmark and need to learn Danish, get an education etc.

I come onto thus forum through the webcomic Gaia.
Its positively awesome! I found it while cruising through the top 100 trying to find something to work my noted m out on that isn't one of the many stupid mobile games avaible.
It very quickly started reminding me of Avatar the Legend of Korra, not that the story is in any way similar, but the way and the quality the story presents itself (and sometimes the art style).
The idea if magic-based technology is also very appealing and just makes sense in a world where such a force exists, ands its something I've been waiting for a fantasy series to adapt.
I'm currently on the page after Lithith opened the box and is going into the science of magic XD

Now that's all said, I got two questions.
What the bloomin blazes is TwoKinds doing in first place!? Comparing Gaia to that is like comparing a Ferrari to a bicycle! Oh sure, TwoKinds is fun enough to read to keep following each Thursday but first place?
First place?
First place!?!

Undead widows from Nigerian what? O_o
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Re: Hello and greetings!

Post by Katayamma » 24 Jun 2015, 02:55

You're not saying it right...

It's Furst Place. (Yes, it's a reference to furries. They're why it's #1)

I do like Two Kinds, as it has some excellent art and character development, but not worth of #1 for me.

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