Initial sketches of Sandra and Woo

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Initial sketches of Sandra and Woo

Post by Novil » 04 Mar 2009, 19:34

Here you can see the two “final” initial designs of Sandra (drawn by my mother) and Woo’s head (drawn by me) posted on the website when I was searching for an artist for Sandra and Woo.

As you can see Powree completely changed the design of Sandra, while Woo’s design didn’t change as much. I received several other applications by artists who have drawn their own versions of the characters. You can see them on the “Artwork” page.

I think the very first sketch of Sandra and Woo were some stick figures I drew for the first strip. I know that I have thrown away the first, messed up sketch, but the second may still be lying around somewhere.
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Re: Initial sketches of Sandra and Woo

Post by urthdigger » 04 Mar 2009, 22:49

That picture of Woo is simply adorable!
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