Voynich Manuscript

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Voynich Manuscript

Post by starfyredragon » 30 Jul 2013, 06:53

This comic got me re-interested in the Voynich Manuscript...

I pulled it up and started looking through it, trying to figure *anything* out.

And I had a "duh" moment (as in, "duh, its so obvious"). One of the mysteries of the Voynich manuscript is the plants, they don't match any known plants.

I was looking at the manuscript, and I realized *why*. Individual parts are actually recognizable for some of the plants, although the whole is not, and often parts that are recognizable are distorted.

And then I realized around page 32 (depending on how you count it) the base of the plant was literally a different size and texture than the shaft that came up from it... different width entirely. The artist even made an obvious cut-out base of the lower part that shows they don't match up, and the drawing shows them INTENTIONALLY not being so.

Later in the book, it shows women (often used as a symbol of fertility) holding together parts of the plants...

It's then I realized...

It's a book about plant grafting. The pages are on experiments with different grafts, and drawing their results. The texts probably telling the plants the hybrid was made from and how it was cared for. The more "religious" parts being references to seasonal signs on when to plant, grow, harvest, etc. Further, the difficulty in translating may be because it's not a cipher at all, but an alternative language (which are much more difficult to break).

And considering the dark ages were notorious for burning books (especially ones of other religions, and witches being a religion with a heavy plant-focus), and the documentation of many European tribes was lost during this time period, AND the writing looks quite similar (but not the same) to being something between Old English and Old Gaelic, could easily be from a tradition between the two areas, which among the areas that liked killing non-christian religions immensely.
... so, last remaining book of a lost language of a tribe of witches? Seems likely to me.
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