A heartfelt "Thank You" and a small question

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A heartfelt "Thank You" and a small question

Post by Inzoum » 18 Jun 2014, 15:16

First of all, I'd like to thank you for these wonderful hours I've spent discovering Sandra and Woo. I apologize ahead of time if this is a lengthy message.

I stumbled upon your webcomic yesterday while checking out xivnomnom.com, a webcomic about Final Fantasy XIV, when I saw a banner on the side that caught my attention. Specifically the one showing the last 3 panels of "Wrong Direction". I didn't expect a story about a little girl and her pet raccoon, honestly, but I was pleasantly surprised and immediately charmed by what I'd landed into.

It's been a quiet few days at work, which afforded me plenty of time to dive into the story from the very first strip. I hard a hard time letting go until I reached the last published strip. I find the characters very endearing and can only applaud the intelligence and sensitivity with which these story arcs are carried out, breathing life and emotion into each and every one of them. While I appreciate the humour of Woo's antics and misunderstandings of human politics and beauty standards, the relationship I have towards the human characters of the story is much more intimate and emotionally fulfilling.

I am deeply moved by the maturity and authenticity with which you are able to touch subjects such as discovering first love and sexual attraction, and trying to fit these new feelings in a life that's mostly filled with other concerns such as friendship, homework and playing with your toys and pets. I can relate to the embarrassment of getting teased by family or friends for being in love or reaching out for a first kiss, or the awkwardness of getting an uncontrollable boner in public. There is nothing easy about portraying these life challenges in an authentic manner, as our adult minds have long lost their innocence. While I'm relieved to be past these clumsy experiences and happily married and enjoying adult life, I can't help but think Sandra and Cloud are living the most thrilling experiences in human existence, and wish them plenty more humiliating first times.

I appreciate your open-mindedness regarding themes such as homosexuality and your ability to blend people of varying origins and cultures in your story without the need to resort to cliché stereotypes. I very much enjoy the constant references to videogames, poetry, movies, music, and feel privileged to be able to seize most of them. I like that you pay attention to your readers' response and take the time to improve your strips if necessary, while keeping the comments well moderated.

Everything about Sandra and Woo is clever and endearing and I wish I could keep reading it infinitely. Sadly, I've reached the point where I have to wait with excited anticipation for the next strip to be published.

This brings me to my question: Are you still accepting PayPal donations? Despite seeing it mentioned in the notes for a few strips (mostly older ones), I could not find a button or link to a donation page. Using the tag search for "donations", I was able to find this page, which seems to have been published years ago: http://www.sandraandwoo.com/donations/

Walking into any bookstore for any average comic book, I would have to pay on the way out. You deserve as much for making one of the most memorable and touching works I have read in years.
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Re: A heartfelt "Thank You" and a small question

Post by Novil » 19 Jun 2014, 22:34

Yes, you can still donate something. But I decided to remove the button from the website for several reasons.
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