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One of your ads is eating system resources

Posted: 02 Mar 2017, 15:32
by Foxite
When I load any page with a comic in it on this website, the page starts slowing down hard and CPU usage hovers between 50-70% on all cores. Memory usage for my browser rises to about 1.1 gigabytes (inspection of the process reveals that it has allocated 1.7 gigabytes for itself) and it continually uses network resources. This all stops when I navigate to a page without a comic. If you remove the element containing the video advertisement below the comments, this stops, at least for most part.

This makes it clear that this issue is related to an advertisement. Here's some screenshots of my system monitor while having any comic page open:



(one of the cores is being used by a program that lets me donate excess processing power to medical research. Shameless plug: Folding at home)

The page gets slowed down so bad that it actually takes three seconds for it to navigate away when you click any link to another page. My PC is high-end and the slowdown that happens because of this is infuriating.

So I thought I'd tell you about this because that's definitely not supposed to happen.