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Knörzer with oe

Posted: 24 Jul 2009, 15:26
by Novil
It’s not important enough for the front page, but I wanted to say it at least somewhere:

If you want to include my family name when talking about the creators of Sandra and Woo but can’t type an “ö” since that character is not on your keyboard, you could also write my name Knoerzer since “ö” = “oe” in German. But please don’t write Knorzer. That’s not correct and it bothers me a bit to see my name being misspelled that often.

Re: Knörzer with oe

Posted: 26 Jul 2009, 22:59
by Rabid_Fox
Can I call you pookie?

Re: Knörzer with oe

Posted: 27 Jul 2009, 01:49
by powree
Calling him Pookie?! Burn him, Novil! :twisted: :twisted:

just kidding, lol...

Re: Knörzer with oe

Posted: 27 Jul 2009, 01:50
by powree
On the other hand, I often wrote Knorzer before. My bad... :shock:

Re: Knörzer with oe

Posted: 27 Jul 2009, 01:58
by Rabid_Fox
I am also cursed with a complex name, Pookie, so I feel your pain.

Re: Knörzer with oe

Posted: 27 Jul 2009, 22:32
by Novil
I actually had to look up “pookie” in a dictionary.

Re: Knörzer with oe

Posted: 28 Jul 2009, 00:13
by Rabid_Fox
Pookie's in the dictionary? This is a great day for the ghost of Ben Jonson.

Re: Knörzer with oe

Posted: 28 Jul 2009, 00:19
by Novil

Re: Knörzer with oe

Posted: 28 Jul 2009, 10:29
by Rabid_Fox
The internet has made pookie a very sexual word. Though you can run that sentence as a mad lib:

The internet has made ___noun_________ a very sexual ___noun__________.

Knörzer with oe?

Posted: 06 Aug 2009, 04:29
by Ninja Skunk
Wait, but haven't I spelled it Knörzer before? Oh, wait, I just did it again!

While it is true, there is no key dedicated to "ö" on American keyboards, I thought I'd point out it is actually still possible to type that character, along with all the other variants of letters, in Windows by using Alt-Codes. Here's the basic crash course for our purposes here:

1) Make sure your Number (NUM) Lock is on.
2) Hold down either Alt key. The left one is preferred.
3) Type in the number "148" on the Numeric Keypad.
4) Release the Alt key.

Voila! The letter "ö" appears at your type head!

Here's the full list of Alt-Codes, for anyone interested.

Hope you feel better about your name soon, Oliver!

Re: Knörzer with oe

Posted: 06 Aug 2009, 16:49
by powree

It works!! Now to practice it so I don't forget, lol... Thanks, ninjaskunk!

You're Welcome!

Posted: 09 Aug 2009, 03:46
by Ninja Skunk
You're plenty welcome!

If you ever forget, you can always do what I do and flail around until you find the right number again. I forget it every three days myself!

Re: Knörzer with oe

Posted: 14 Dec 2010, 03:45
by All-Purpose Guru
Apologies if any of us 'mericans get it wrong-- our language doesn't use ANY accents or diacritical marks and so we never get taught that they are important in other languages. Hell, we aren't even taught how to type them.

For example, many California cities are in Spanish, but any names with accents are listed wrong, because many US-centric computer systems don't allow for accent marks-- so San José (the third biggest city in California) is listed incorrectly as "San Jose".

So, you Mac types, pay attention. It's K - n - option-u - o - r - z - e - r

on the PC (without international keyboard) it's K - n - alt-2-4-6 (on the numeric keypad) - r - z - e - r

Re: Knörzer with oe

Posted: 05 Feb 2011, 22:27
by AckAckAck
*hold left button*

*highlight name*

*right click on highlighted name*

*choose copy*

*choose where I want to type it*

*left click*

*right click*

*choose paste*