Computers = Air Conditioning

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Computers = Air Conditioning

Post by NotDebonair » 06 Aug 2009, 13:54

I lol'ed at 0083. I worked for a company that was very green, and had no air conditioning. The office had, IIRC, five computers, and they had to replace them almost every year due to overheating. Overheard the boss saying he understood why the computers did not last long, but why were keyboards dying so frequently? The installer checked and found out that it was quite literally the staff's sweat dripping into them. Solution? Unpaid days off when the temperature was above 88º f. (31º C.) I had to go because I could not afford over a month without income each summer.

If you are going to use computers in hot weather, air conditioning is pretty much mandatory. The environmental footprint of replacing a computer every year, or two at most, is considerably greater than the cost of keeping it cool and therefore operational for five years or so. If you already get a new maximum machine every year to run bleeding-edge apps you still need the A/C, because if you really need those programs, the cost of losing the results is too great if you don't have it.
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Re: Computers = Air Conditioning

Post by powree » 07 Aug 2009, 15:07

Buying new computers every year??? :lol: :lol:

Seriously though, that's the first time I heard about keyboard ruined from sweats, lol
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Re: Computers = Air Conditioning

Post by Ninja Skunk » 09 Aug 2009, 01:24

No kidding, but I guess they have less luck than I do when it comes to electronics. I've had keyboards survive ten-pound speakers, chocolate milk, and hedgehog pee.
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Re: Computers = Air Conditioning

Post by Kenoscope » 12 Aug 2009, 06:25

Officially forty-six days 100+ and counting. For you scientists, that is at least 37.77 degrees C. AC set at 88 F / 31.1 C.

External electronic thermometer at house, hidden under a well ventilated North facing eve has reached 114.9 at least five times. Again, that is 46.05 C. So please, if 85F / 29.4C is too much for you. Do not visit San Antonio, Texas until late Fall. Oh, and The Alamo is a tourist trap. Take your photos outside and ignore the one room inside that you are allowed to visit, but not take photos of.

No rain to speak of in over a year too.

So Sandra is hot? Wait till she hears from the local wildlife. Pre-supposing that they can still move.
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Re: Computers = Air Conditioning

Post by Onomatopoeia » 19 Jan 2010, 19:32

I'm one of those super-competitive gamers who has the latest cutting-edge tech in PC. I don't need a A/C, i've got a awesome intercooling system running throughout my PC.

The idea of liquid running, at high speeds, in rubber choobs, inside my PC though? It still makes me nervous at times, especially on hot days. It's internal thermometer tells it when to keep things room temperature or extra-icy cold. And on hotdays my PC makes my feet feel like they have frostbite ;~;

But sweat ruining keyboards? That sounds insane! Must of been dammned sweaty for that to be even slightly possible. Or maybe the boss just bought the cheap $5-$10 Basic-level keyboards? They are unreliable, in all fairness.

Also I lol'd at the "Survived hedgehog pee" line! XD
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