Funny idea I had

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Funny idea I had

Post by Novil » 25 Aug 2009, 00:32

In ten years or so, when we’re sick and tired of making any more Sandra and Woo strips and a final compilation will be published, I will leave out one strip and call it “The Incomplete Sandra and Woo”.

;) :P :D
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Re: Funny idea I had

Post by Ninja Skunk » 25 Aug 2009, 03:19

Haha. It's even funnier when you realize that some "complete collections" are technically incomplete, too.
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Re: Funny idea I had

Post by powree » 25 Aug 2009, 09:10

Fill in the blanks... :lol:
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Re: Funny idea I had

Post by Rabid_Fox » 25 Aug 2009, 19:38

Or you could remove a character and every trace that they'd ever been in the comic. People keep trying to do that to me with life, so I recommend it to anyone.
Oh my.
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