Viviana's Gown

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Viviana's Gown

Post by PMark » 15 Feb 2013, 18:39

Viviana's outfit starting in Shadowdancers-80 is quite attractive. I think Ilias would be wise to give some serious thought to maybe getting over Lilith and start considering Viviana's cover story of her being his fiancé.

I do have one concern. The gown doesn't seem to be that practical for the job at hand. For one thing, it's rather eye-catching. Not only does the style look great on her, but she is wearing light when everyone else is wearing dark. People are going to notice. I would think that she would rather be a little less conspicuous for the planned night's activities.

And for another, the last time she was in that house she had to jump out a window, swing down a rope and run full pelt for the gate with some fool of a guard getting ready to shoot her in the back. Her gown doesn't appear to be very conducive for repeating that effort if the need should arise.
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