Is Lilith San's "Sister"?

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Is Lilith San's "Sister"?

Post by KTrimbach » 24 Aug 2014, 21:25

1) In TS-020, Eldor references San and her sister and says they need new goals. By killing Elea (San's best friend) he thinks that this will give her a new goal, but it doesn't say anything about her sister.
2) Just prior to this, Eldor (recognized by the same mask) made a visit to Lilith's cell. Although, her hole spell closed at the point, that was later seen to be a natural effect. (i.e. Eldor didn't do anything to cause it). This could be a hint that Lilith's imprisonment (and her attempt to escape) was part of her continuing training.
3) From the Red Hall massacre, we see apparently the same figure launch an overpowering spell at Lilith (similar to the one he killed Elea with) however, she survived and she didn't know how. She definitely did not cast a shield spell or it would have been shown. I always wondered why this happened - a. They couldn't kill her, or b. they wanted her to be executed for the crime, or 3. they wanted the Shadow Dancers to rescue her. Perhaps there was a fourth reason which is that Eldor wanted Lilith to have to learn to escape the Max Security Wizard prison. Delvor changing the time, may have messed up his plan in more ways than one. (I'm not sure he knew what the dancers were planning).

Although there has been no hint that I can see that they are biologically related, this cannot be ruled out (especially considering the drawing of 2 young wizards from 09/2013 that shows Lilith and a girl who we now know is San.)
Or it could be that he is equating them as sisters due to their both being "touched".

Anyone else have thoughts about this?

In an unrelated speculation, Eldor mentioned getting through a Time Suspension Shield in TS-020. In TS-027, Gradus mentions that Arty is in Heyseyfal working on a new type of protection shield. Related? Or the TSS could just reference the Mythal that the elves hid behind. (We're not told anything about what the Mythal is.)
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Re: Is Lilith San's "Sister"?

Post by PMark » 27 Aug 2014, 21:15

#3 The blast at Lilith in the Academy attack.
While the outfit on the mage who launched that last attack superficially resembles Eldor's costume later on when he visited her in her cell, there are a number of significant differences. To settle the question, Novil was asked point blank in his question thread if it was Eldor. He didn't answer. That makes it appear as if he wishes it to remain ambiguous for a while longer.

As for why Lilith was untouched, there have been a number of theories brought forward but none of them are fully satisfactory.

It was an illusion. To what end? She would have experienced both real and illusionary magical attacks in the Academy and would have known the difference. And if the perps wanted her framed, why make it look to everyone watching like she was just attacked by the attackers?

She's immune. Maybe. But she just spent several years of advanced training at the Academy. We have to assume that includes magical attacks. You would think she and her friends would have learned if she immune to it. Besides, that final golem knocked her on her keester with a magical attack. She didn't seem that immune then.

Someone protected her. It's possible. The panel just before she gets hit by the blast shows some sort of flash coming from behind her. Maybe somebody threw a shield around her from behind. But Illias was watching the whole thing, and he didn't see it. So it's likely that the flash was just Powree being artistic.

She instinctively put up a shield. This is most likely IMO. She IS a master at protection magic. She threw up the shield to protect Ars and Alissa from the exploding dummy faster than Ars could, and she threw up that shield in her cell faster than the other mage could cast the web spell. So I think she simply did what she does best.
However, the panel just before her getting hit does not appear to show her casting a spell. Rather it looks for all the world like she was frozen with shock. But again, in the next panel, you can just make out her silhouette, and it appears that she has her arms raised as if casting a shield. So maybe she did manage to get one off.
The evidence either way is ambiguous, and that is likely how Novil wants it.

As to the getting through the Time Suspension Shield, Eldor could have been talking literally. It could apply to a real shield. There have been a large number of references to time distortion in this comic. Or he could have been speaking metaphorically; it could have been just a common magical metaphor similar to our, "You can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs".

Oh, and while we are on the subject, Novil was asked (again in his question thread) if Eldor considered San and her sister "Touched Ones". He didn't answer. So again it would appear that he wants that to be ambiguous for the time being. So for now, it is NOT confirmed that San and her sister are whom Eldor was referring to when he mentioned "Touched Ones".
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