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The story threads

Post by Tom Icepick » 05 Sep 2017, 02:33

So having just started reading a few weeks ago, blasting through almost 6 years of plot, and I'm now going through withdrawal and Learning to be Patient (Geduld! Ich kann doch geduldig sein, nicht?) for the twice-weekly updates, while letting my mind wander.

But having so recently read most of the story, certain things in the distant past are fresh!

So, a couple thoughts - not looking for spoilers or anything, just guesses:

I think Eldor's base of operation is the Tower in the Sky -- he and his helpers keep seeming to have magical/engineering problems keeping things in balance - the blue and red streams mixing and holding up the Tower? I don't think they're talking about Dilithium Cyrstals and matter/anti-matter engines here, despite the fact I keep reading the other Elf's voice as Scotty's. :-b

Vernon: a complete jerk. But, is he so useless a jerk that he's out of the script forever? Or maybe he's actually competently jerky and will return as another higher-level antagonist later on? I'm hoping either Faye or Sandril (or both) run him through with a rusty sword before the end though.

You've mentioned before there's lots of foreshadowing and things that look like mistakes aren't. Brilliant work with Vivi's nightmares observed by Eldor and Lili by the way. That was extremely well crafted.

Sandril - liking that guy more and more as the story progresses, he didn't start out so well but is certainly validating Lili's affection for him.

Life Philosphy - the theme of cherishing life to the point where people and animals aren't killed is really well done, and refreshing for our world where a Vivi-equivalent would have been gunned down fleeing a failed theft back in chapter 1. The steakolon and sausage tree - genius! I've always told my vegetarian friends that bacon grows on a bush, so that was perfect. Eldor deliberately leaving Delvor alive in a pit being, what, tortured/slowly devoured by demonic beasts, for oh "100 years" is perhaps one of the nastier incarnations of this philosophy.

Casper: poor horse, hope he's ok and ended up with the other missing Shadowdancers somewhere safe-ish.

Have re-read Vivi's ordeal around Barriers 042 a bunch of times and still can't make sense of it - but I have faith it will be clarified later. The one demon is Eldor's sidekick, but the others are a mystery to me.

Eldor: a great villain and gets some awesome lines.

Anyways, just wanted to say I'm really enjoying the journey, even if I'm not used to waiting for more yet.
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