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MH Survival - a thing I did this weekend

Posted: 12 Oct 2009, 22:37
by Rabid_Fox
And I feel pretty awesome for doing it. 12k, 10 obstacles to overcome.

First obstacle...

Army assault course...

Swimming a river?
Sprayed with hose when climbing out?
There is joy in this.

The obstacles became progressively more bizarre...

Over a ten foot wall lay the finishing line


Great fun. Me and the guy I signed up with both finished - even though we got lost looking for the starting line and actually ended up putting in about 8km of walking looking for it (we know this because we ended up at the half-way point of the run by accident, woe be us).

Would definitely do again.

Re: MH Survival - a thing I did this weekend

Posted: 13 Oct 2009, 01:29
by powree
ho,, looks like a lot of fun! When else can you jump into a mud and having fun with it? *jumps into mud pool*