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Anime Day!

Posted: 01 Jan 2011, 20:54
by Jety Lefr
I'm just letting people know that I've made a new holiday. Will happen every January 19th from now on. It shall be traditionally celebrated in the home, with friends and family. Festivities will usually include a marathon of the hosts favorite anime, cosplaying, and sometimes random hugging. Gifts are not required, but they can be given. If they are given, they are usually going to be related to Otaku-ism, and are discouraged from being expensive gifts. Traditional food will be anything snack related. Pocky is a great example. No full meals, or healthy food that require preparation. (pizza/Chinese is ok, vegetable tray is ok). The colors of Anime Day shall be purple and anything else. Anime Day!
Have Fun!

- P.S. spread the word.