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Hi, I usually go by my pseudonym (pouar/thepouar/the_pouar) when I want to remain anonymous , I once saw this comic on an Ad and it looked interesting so I clicked it, usually I don't click on ads, but I thought this comic was kinda cool and after a few months of reading the comic I'd thought I'd try out this forum, I'm a bit of a gamer but ever since the game console manufacturers started preventing homebrew games and software from running on the system I became a PC gamer, (mostly Linux games and Windows games on Wine and older discontinued games on emulators), my avatar used to mario holding up a psp with a picture of Mario skating on the screen but since I stopped playing newer console games I took the psp part out cause it became hypocritical, I'm also a bit of a programmer who Likes Gnu/Linux and death metal and its variants and hybrids, I've also tried out other FOSS operating systems inside VMs. I Love free software (free as in freedom) which is why I usually prefer software under the Gnu GPL v3 but will use GPL compatible software, I only use proprietary software if there's no free software alternative or the only alternatives don't function well enough. besides, Gnu/Linux is way superior to Windows, OS X, and iOS.

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while :;do if windows sucks;then mv windows /dev/null;pacman -Sy linux;fi;done
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