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My first websites

Post by Novil » 12 Dec 2009, 01:27

Here you can have a look at my first website (in German, of course) which I created in March or April 2000. I do not have a screenshot of its very first incarnation, the attached one is from November 2001 after several design updates. It’s still partially available at

The website dealt with such diverse topics like ski jumping (the main subject), fantasy stories and MIDIs created by my online friend Sephy (my nickname Novil is derived from a character in his novel “Two Steps Behind”), a gallery of pictures I have drawn, and funny quotes by German football players.

I also found the guild “Wizards of the Silver Sun” (Magier der Silbersonne) for the role playing game Neverwinter Nights in the year 2001 and created a website for it.

Both websites were created with NetObjects Fusion which offered an easy graphical editor, but generated quite horrible HTML code. (not much unlike WordPress ;))
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