$ 150k for 3 months? Wut?

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Contact: $ 150k for 3 months? Wut?

Post by Novil » 13 Dec 2009, 14:25

Okay, I really don’t have an idea what to make out of this:

The webmaster of is asking for $ 150k to keep the site alive for another 3 months? Lolwut?

I guess there’s at least one salary included in that number, because how the fuck could it cost significantly more than $ 10k a year to pay for the servers of a website with just roughly 25 times more pageviews than Sandra and Woo? FurAffinity, another art and community website, has at least as many pageviews and somehow manages to spend not much more than $1k for hosting a month although its admin is constantly canned for his poor hosting choices.

That the webmaster of refuses to come up with a basic listing of expenses does not help. If you’re asking for such an outrageous donation sum you better deliver some information or people (like me) will become suspicious.
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