Pixar got it right

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Pixar got it right

Post by Novil » 11 Jan 2010, 01:58

Today I’ve written two strips about the subject that boys and girls are sometimes talking past each other. They were quite funny, but the amusing parts just didn’t fit together and the strips were also “more of the same” since they would have been similar to some other ones that will be published earlier this year.

So I took the advice given in a documentary about Pixar and redid them, keeping the setting but writing new dialog. The strips are now less funny, but much more coherent and they make a powerful statement about relationships in general. Instead of being among our weaker strips (regarding the writing) they are now among the best ones.

I think you can only deliver consistent quality if you’re always keeping a critical eye on your work and are willing to improve it.

However, I’m not particularly fond of critique by other people. I think that too many critics spoil the broth, so to speak.
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