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Post by Novil » 27 Jan 2010, 21:34

So far we have received the following pieces of fanart (interestingly, the best one does not really qualify as “fanart” as it was rather drawn as a satirical criticism of one of our strips). Getting fanart is one of the most rewarding things when being a cartoonist, so we’d love to get more.

I have also included the guest strip by Mort Janu.

The following information is copied from our Artwork page:

* Action figures of Sandra and Woo and Cloud by Ute Knörzer
* Chainsaw Massacre (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIOLENCE!) by W. Whateley (featuring Woo and Shadow)
* Football Match, page 1 and page 2 by Willie O’ Brien (featuring Sandra and Woo)
* Woo collage by the children of Lee Akers’ Vacation Bible School project. This piece was done as a collage, using the cartoon as an outline, animal colors from magazine photographs, a red puffball nose, and translucent sparkles as cover.
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