Critique Compendium #4:

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Critique Compendium #4:

Post by Ninja Skunk » 13 Apr 2009, 05:54

Boy, when life hits you in the face, it sure hits hard. Let's get back on track. I think I left off with
Critique Compendium #4: Nomenclature.

Nomenclature is, actually, quite a bad strip.

To start off, the writing on Nomenclature is fairly poor. Sandra and Richard come up with a bad name for the "Rascal," and "Rascal" resents it. There's no content here, and that lack of content is simply dragged across four panels. The punchline wasn't funny, and the "damning" and "pussy" comments didn't add anything to Nomenclature (Although I won't rant about it, I did that in #3). All that goes for a strip like this is the illustrations.

The illustration are uninspired as well, though. Yes, what is done is done well; same as the writing, though, enough just isn't done. The art seems to be just a few random character portraits slapped on white background to fill the space that the words haven't used. The pictures don't tell much of this story, or any story at all. There's no boldness, force, or any value to the art. It's all very mediocre.

Although, to be fair, this strip intrinsically needed to happen. Woo had to get his name from somewhere. It's just that Nomenclature is barely adequate as a storyline strip; and the joke falls flat on its back. Nomenclature simply doesn't meet the bar on quality.

Nomenclature is only your fourth strip, though. I won't hold it against you.
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