New meat

You can introduce yourself here. This is also the right place to advertise your website, comic, art gallery, etc. Please no business opportunities involving the widows of undead Nigerian prime ministers. Thank you.
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New meat

Post by darkgloomie » 24 Feb 2011, 17:35


After a lot of seeing its ads on a number of comics I read, I decided to take a look.

And spent the better part of my evening catching up to the latest strip, which considering I started reading the archive yesterday I think it's not a bad feat... maybe I'll go on another archive binge, just to savor the cute art and the engaging story (and the lost of pop culture references! Love those, especially since I actually understand MOST of them... which, since I'm not american, is usually a problem with english webcomics) (but I'm digressing). Anyway, after finishing catching up, I thought: "And now what?" SO I decided to take a look here. It's a surprisingly bare forum, but sometimes that's for the best.

I'm... not sure what else there is to say here, and since I have the tendency to ramble I'd better stop here, soooo... I hope we'll get along.
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