Analysis and Speculation

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Analysis and Speculation

Post by linkhyrule5 » 08 Aug 2012, 09:14

This is just an analysis of what we know so far. Anyone who knows spoilers, keep out! :P

So, obvious things first. Lilith is being targeted by the mysterious attackers; from the fact that they attacked what we're told is the premiere combat/adventurer academy in the kingdom, they're very interested in destroying the best and brightest before they can get far. Note: they didn't kill everyone - that implies that there was a marginal cost to doing so. Thus, they have some plan that involves a large number of mediocre adventurers and absolutely cannot allow the geniuses - Hel, Lilith - to survive.

Still, it seems unlikely that all of the world's top mages were at the academy - and Lilith is stated to be the eighth most powerful. Perhaps the concentration was worth it, but still, you'd think they'd go for the more powerful ones. Solution: Lilith is in some way more powerful than all the rest - supported by her miraculous survival of, if I understand it correctly, the simultaneous casting of a high-tier bluestream spell (Bahamut's Breath, big giant dragon fireball) and a high-tier redstream spell (Abraxis' Nullification - from the color scheme, and the fact that it reduces something to nothing, I'm guessing it's Bhaal-aspected). Lilith is some denomination of Chosen One who the opposition is so desperate to destroy that they left two of their own behind to rot in prison to get her a death sentence. At a wild guess, she has some supreme talent at both bluestream and redstream spells - which would explain why she might later "go to Bhaal" to discover more about herself. (And, of course, Ilias will come with her...)

Who? Well, the first thing I notice is that there are three shards to Gaia's Tear, but only two surviving factions. (And besides, when's the last time a dead and lost faction has stayed dead and lost? :P ) On top of that, note: the last time the shadow monsters came, only the absolute greatest of warriors could fight them, while redstream spells are explicitly capable of mind control and potentially necromancy. This happens to be a scenario where the best and brightest are severely detrimental, but a massive army of mediocre soldiers works to the advantage of the attackers - precisely what is observed at the academy. Thus: a second invasion by Bhaal, potentially combo'd with an alliance with the dwarves wielding a third of the Tear. (Why they would be so incredibly stupid as to ally with the embodiment of Nothing is an exercise left to the reader - desperation, spite, pride... or, of course, simply none of the above and the dwarves really are dead/wouldn't make such an alliance.)

Such an invasion by Bhaal, incidentally, may be countered more effectively by a good-aligned redstream user, and may be countered more effectively by journeying to the world of Bhaal...

Anyway, just my two cents. Anyone got any comments.
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Re: Analysis and Speculation

Post by Novil » 13 Aug 2012, 23:40

Intelligent analysis. But, of course, the story is not that straight-forward. Expect a major twist.
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Re: Analysis and Speculation

Post by Omugoshi » 20 Aug 2012, 10:13

Noo why must you make the suspense so hard to bear? D:
I can't wait for the story to progress now :(
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Lilith, the mastermind of time and space!

Post by a_fan » 26 Feb 2014, 08:11

I had an epiphany of a probable device of the plot.

I assume that the way the bad guys got into school hall, and how "Lilith" survived the Flame Spell, is not that they teleported, but they were displaced, maybe even in time. I think the Lilith they are saving from Jail is the one that was displaced in time during the golem attack. And a fake "Lilith" died in the magic attack. I think that is how Eldor Olenvis and his gang pass unnoticed, and kill their targets.

Sorry. Idea poped up, and I just had to share. And the train of thought of how I arrived at speculation, is more messy.
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