Viviana's questions and can you predict her answers?

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Viviana's questions and can you predict her answers?

Post by Hopeles » 05 Jul 2013, 19:45

•Viviana: How can we smuggle a handful of wands past Reginald’s detector?

1) Get Reginald or someone who can carry said wands past that detector without raising an alarm
2) Have them already inside ready to be collected and then dumped once used so they can escape detection afterwards since anyone breaking into the place wouldn't have access to any wands already inside the facility

•Viviana: How can we get one of the personalized keys for the wizard wing?

1) Steal the originals, copy them, return the copies in their place use the originals and then swap them back over after you're finished with them and before leaving the facility if possible

•Viviana: How can we overwhelm the experienced guards that will escort Lilith?

1) You don't, you let them think they've driven you off
2) Distract so their prisoner can be swapped over and because the replacement is gagged, tied up and covered even better with one of those guards atop their "ecaping prisoner" to make it appear they haven't escaped

•Viviana: How can we escape with Lilith without setting off the alarm immediately?

1) Replace the Lilith they have with an imposter that they don't realise until they make a closer check on after the attempted escape if supposedly foiled?
2) More importantly how do they move Lilith outside of the wizard proof cells long enough to stage a swap and then escort the real Lilith outside without anyone noticing the switch and making no attempt to take a closer look at her?

You got any ideas?
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Re: Viviana's questions and can you predict her answers?

Post by Burnt_spaghett » 12 Jul 2013, 13:29

Viviana: How can we smuggle a handful of wands past Reginald’s detector?

I agree with suggestion 1. Maybe they can hide some wands in a hollowed out sword hilt with a crystal on it, like Illias'. That way if it's picked up on the detector, they might just assume it went off because of the crystal

With the last two questions, I like the prisoner swapping idea but even if the guards were distracted, I feel that at least one would stay with Lilith. If they can get someone in there disguised as a guard, they could try to swap the guard as well. but then that could result in more problems....
What would be useful would be a spell that would make one person look like another. Then they could swap the prisoner and they would still look like Lilith. but if they go through another detector, which is likely, it will most definitely detect the disguising spell, but that should give them enough time to get the real Lilith out especially if she didn't look like Lilith and looked like a guard or something.

I wonder if Lilith can do teleportation spells, because that would also be quite helpful.
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