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Poll suggestion

Post by edi-san » 19 Nov 2013, 03:01

Long story short:
Maybe checkboxes in polls as well as radial buttons?

Short story long:
I almost made a comment on a comic page, but then I thought quickly. It would be odd to comment about polls on a comic. So instead I made a forum username, which I will never check again, and never read the remainders of this post.

On second thought, an email might have been better.

But I want the immediacy of being noticed by the public as well as by the person I'm trying to reach, so what the heck. Here it is: a way too long post about a simple suggestion.

As I glanced at the poll on the side (which I have often done, but rarely do I vote [I know, for shame]), it occurred to me that not only on that particular poll (which is your favorite fantasy comic other than ours) but on other polls as well, I would have liked to answer more than one option.

Radial buttons make data acceptance simple, sure. 1 vote, 1 person/computer. But being able to say that I read and enjoy both Gunnerkrigg Court and Order of the Stick? Pertinent information about my life, that I have secretly hoarded away from facebook.

Of course the question on the poll was about "favorites", which of course means that I should choose one that I like more than the other, but come on! I can't even do that with Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, let alone the webcomics I read. Picking favorites means assigning arbitrary value for one of the other when the fact is I like them both.

Radial buttons force me to choose one above another! They bring stress in my life, when I just want to enjoy myself! Why can't the random polls on the sides of websites I like let me be accepting and casual!?!?

So perhaps, if there had been checkboxes, I could have checked all the fantasy comics I read and enjoy.

But. There weren't. So I didn't. Instead I ranted like a madman and left.
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