Suicidal Racoon

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Suicidal Racoon

Post by Ceruse » 13 May 2009, 02:18

myeah, I felt the urge to share this.

My sister's car has been stinking for quite a while now, and we assumed it was simply related to the mess it was (a hell lot of stuff on the backseats, including ziplocs with old food)

She said an animal must of crawled in there and died...

So today, she actually cleaned her car... was still stinking in the morning though =P

and so, she called me an hour ago, and she found the source of the smell. In the trunk of her car was a dead racoon. Rotting there for a while. Poor thing never stood a chance in that car XD

but yeah, I was laughing at the fact that there truly was a dead animal in there... but then, I asked myself if Woo would get himself in such a mess D:

Woo is too smart to do something like this right?


But he did cut a jar open instead of simply flipping it upside down...


EDIT: Common reactions are out of the question I guess?
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Homicidal Raccoon?

Post by Ninja Skunk » 06 Aug 2009, 04:51

I have to really question how the raccoon managed to get in the car trunk, without being able to get back out.

1)If the trunk was left open, I don't see how the raccoon could close himself in.
2)If there was a crack in the flooring, the raccoon could have escaped through the same hole.
3)Getting closed in the trunk by your sister is unlikely; I would think feral raccoons would stay away from human activity, and would not stay too long around human odors.

The best solution I can think is that the car trunk was left open, and all the moldy food attracted a raccoon inside. The raccoon was closed in by another raccoon, who was no doubt also curious about the interesting smells, and was climbing around the trunk hood while the first was inside. Raccoon number two knocks the hood from its stationary position, and down it falls. Trapped.

In any case, that would have had to been extremely gross. I can't stand to touch dead things myself. It's hard enough just handling raw meat.
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Re: Suicidal Racoon

Post by Zandra » 18 Nov 2014, 10:14

Larisa would not be introduced, cause she clearly wouldn't be allowed to enter social life. at all.
Also Ye Thuza will probably not be as cool as she appears to be.
I don't believe she would even be likeable in any way, considering
"EX-cold-blooded killer/assassin and member of a rebellion army" would certainly be IN CHARACTER...
Cloud could as well be unlikeable being raised by said killer.
The story may start as well with Richard not legally being able to get Woo (how could he as a normal worker without experience get an allowance), or even Richard getting arrested for putting the idiot (Mr. Farley) in the cage...
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