Forum is dead, I'm new and I make games

You can introduce yourself here. This is also the right place to advertise your website, comic, art gallery, etc. Please no business opportunities involving the widows of undead Nigerian prime ministers. Thank you.
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Forum is dead, I'm new and I make games

Post by Foye » 02 Mar 2020, 06:16

Hello everyone!

I am known under many names, but when I'm on a webcomic website, I usually go as Foye. I'm a proud Quebecois, I'm a programmer and I love games. I think it's sad the forums are pretty dead and I intend to rectify the situation, at least for some time...

You see, I'm in the process of creating a fan made tabletop rpg about Gaia and I will need feedback soon, so I'm counting on you guys to constructively destroy my dreams ;-)
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