Results of the artwork contest 2015 – Places 26+

Our yearly Sandra and Woo and Gaia artwork contest ended last Monday. We received 82 submissions in total so I needed a while to prepare everything. Today, I’m showing you all entries that unfortunately didn’t make it into the top 25.

The following list of entries starts with the six entries from the submissions placed on position 26+ which I liked the most, in alphabetical order. The subsequent entries are then ordered alphabetically again. The artists’ names are colored red if a link to their personal website is available. Show your support by visiting the artists’ websites and/or writing a comment in the comment section of this blog post!

To our gold and diamond patrons: I will offer a convenient download archive containing all submissions in their original size after the end of the contest.

by Bradley Monnens
While I quite like this family portrait drawn in a traditional medium, coloring Lily’s mask and arm in red was an odd choice. Bradley also submitted two additional sketches: [1], [2].

by Fhrean Eighth
Since Fhrean also has another submission in the top 25, I decided against putting this portrait of Alissa into the top 25. I really like the coloration, but it’s a bit lacking in term of originality.

by Hasnul Karami
This is a pretty well-drawn submission, but I just wasn’t fond enough of the art style to place it in the top 25.

by Kucing Kecil
Kucing’s drawing is another example of a particularly well-drawn submission missing the top 25. Why are Sandra and Woo jumping off a cliff without some sort of parachute?

by Michael Daoust

by MistyDawnAmara
Misty submitted this drawing for last year’s contest, but I missed to post it back then. So I decided to give it another chance this year. It would have reached the same position last year, somewhere around place #25.

by Allyson

by Andie

by Anthony Brooks

by Antonio Najarro

by Atti Hindersson

by Atti Hindersson

by Bobbie Lewis

by Casira Copes
[Artist’s comment: Zoey’s hot new crush.]

by dan neis
This one gets a point for originality. There’s also a photo of Dan wearing the Woo mask.
[Artist’s comment: For party fun or thwarting facial recognition. With the open eye version wraparound vision is almost perfect, perforated version is good enough for walking around or watching videos but not so good for reading or typing. Printed on standard A4 200gsm card.]

by Darryl Heine

by David Friedman

by Edyta Pietruszka
While the idea is cool, I have a hard time to recognize the character. I think it’s Lilith’s mother.
[Artist’s comment: Inspired by MCEscher Rind.]

by Edyta Pietruszka
This is very weird.
[Artist’s comment: Inspired by MCEscher Regular division.]

by Edyta Pietruszka
[Artist’s comment: Inspired by MCEscher Regular division.]

by Edyta Pietruszka
[Artist’s comment: Inspired by MCEscher Drawing hands.]

by Eric Chao
[Artist’s comment: This entry is a parody of Doraemon by Fujiko Fujio and Sandra and Woo.]

by Felix Hartmann
[Artist’s comment: Sandra and Cloud in 10 years.]

by Gatekid3000

by Hans-Christiaan Braun
[Artist’s comment: I made a 3D model of a bust of Woo. I was inspired by the rendering of Lilith by Andrew Wittrock’s wife from previous year’s contest, so I decided to take a dab at it. It was my first serious try at creating fur, and it has turned out pretty well, in my personal opinion. I do regret that, as a sort-of studio render, it does not tell a story. […] For the technical part: the modeling and rendering was done in Blender, […]. Some minor postprocessing (adding a vignette and a watermark) was done in Photoshop.]

by Ihuoma Ohanaka

by Jacquelyne Caldwell

by James Collison
[Artist’s comment: The artwork is called “Lord of the Key”. It is based off the cover of “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers”. I tried to put the characters from the comic where a similar character from LotR is on the cover.]

by Jessica Pothier

by Joxtray

by Jylani Amplex
Unfortunately, Lilith is barely recognizable in this otherwise nice drawing from Jylani who also submitted a cute drawing of Viviana which made it into the top 25.
[Artist’s comment: This one is a much different feel from my other. It is a stylistic traditional drawing done in charcoal on grey paper with a few accents of blue/red pencil, and some blue chalk pastel. It’s a portrait of Lilith breaking through some kind of barrier. It is intended to be a kind of play on the most recent chapter title, as well as capturing all of the elements of Lili’s character.]

by Lesly Charmaine Tan

by Liselotte Andersen

by Luke Nolan
[Artist’s comment: I thought I would do a horrific pun with the band “Echo and the Bunnymen”.]

by Max Erikson
There’s also a pencil version available.
[Artist’s comment: I am submitting two versions of the same drawing. I call it “The Fire in Larisa’s Heart”. One version is a paper drawing I scanned onto my computer, while the other is a digital drawing made in Adobe Illustrator.]

by Meadow Mcgalliard
[Artist’s comment: I figured if Larisa found a new form of fire she would freak and Lilith has access to such a thing (in a sense).]

by Michael Masukawa
[Artist’s comment: I’m a software engineer and found “Richard’s guide to software development” to be an absolutely hilarious take on the old classic. Here’s my tribute to everyone’s favorite legacy code Chimera!]

by Monica Miguel

by N Navi

by Natalie Neilson
[Artist’s comment: I tried to be innovative by introducing the cover art for Gaia with the favorite era, the 50s.]

by Oliver Barber
Oliver also submitted a great drawing of Yuna and Woo which made it into the top 25.
[Artist’s comment: This picture was supposed to be Viviana, with the ponytail she was sporting for a while. However, in my stupidity, I decided to give her a fringe and increased her cup size by more than just a few levels. […] The idea was to have her falling through the sky, I wanted to make the Avaril the star of the picture.]

by Pawel Stasik

by Ray Zhang
Last year, Ray reached position #5 with his great Bioshock inspired drawing of Sandra and Cloud. This year’s Ghostbusters inspired drawing is lacking its stylishness, though.

by Riley Hulick
[Artist’s comment: I had originally intended on including their kits in the piece, but I couldn’t find a suitable way to arrange the whole family while maintaining the intimacy I wanted (there are only so many babies you can hold before it turns into juggling). […] Digital pen and airbrush in GIMP 2.8, about 95% on a rickety old P-Active XP-5550A and 5% on a shiny new Huion 680S.]

by Saxon Scott
[Artist’s comment: This is my rendering of Sandra and Cloud looking in on the happiness that Woo and Lily have with their children, and Richard indignantly telling the young couple to “not get any ideas” of having kids of their own. Well, at least not in the near future. ]

by Scott North

by Shinji Ajara

by Simon Ladd (Blitz)

by Soremi Gazeta

by Spremi Ying

by Steve Rowzee

by Sushy
It’s a nice drawing, but the raccoon doesn’t look like Woo at all.

by Tibari Dit

by Trillian

by Wes Jones

by Will Jeffries
I don’t really understand what’s going on here, but it looks sorta cool.
[Artist’s comment: My entry for this years contest features Lilith falling down a rabbit hole and then making a matrix type choice. Choose the red rabbit, or the blue rabbit. However even once she makes her choice, her other option isn’t willingly allowing her go. I think I’ll title it, “Lilith’s hard choice.”]

by Zsolt Gyurgyo

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