Results of the artwork contest 2017 – Places 26+

Our yearly Sandra and Woo and Gaia artwork contest ended last week. Today, I’m showing you all the entries that didn’t make it into the top 25. There are some really nice drawings among them, so you should definitely check them out as well. I will create two additional news posts for the places 11 to 25 and the top 10 in the coming days.

The following list of submissions is ordered alphabetically. Show your support by visiting the artists’ websites and/or writing a comment in the comment section of this blog post!

To our gold and diamond patrons: I will offer a convenient download archive containing all submissions in their original size next month.

by Adriana Haideé Ramos Cárdenas
[Artist’s comment: […] a little Zoey all frustrated, you know the closet thing.]

by Adriana Haideé Ramos Cárdenas
[Artist’s comment: […] Sandra all well dressed for the ball.]

by Bela

by Breja

by Breja

by carti mimi
[Artist’s comment: I like Sandra’s love for mathematics and her dream of winning the Fields Medal (she sure dreams big xD). It’s unusual, refreshing and so beautiful. I can’t help but cheer for her!]
carti mimi has submitted another entry which is in the top 25. While this drawing is definitely well drawn, I also think that it’s a bit overdone.

by Daniel Hankins (website)

by Erilin-Neptunus (website)

by Erin Maxwell
[Artist’s comment: The first one is what I imagined when San De Vertis was asked if she was a construct of Eldor’s.]
Erin Maxwell has also submitted one entry that made it into the top 25.

by Erin Maxwell
[Artist’s comment: The last one is Eldor, who I think is working to free Bhaal, walking the Red Stream and opening the portals he uses to travel while San De Vertis, High Priestess, uses the holy charm as she walks the Blue Stream in Gaia’s name. I have a feeling she is also evil but I don’t know for sure yet!]

by Erin Maxwell
[Artist’s comment: From the top down it says:
“Is this tub a bit hotter than normal?” – Ryn
“Please, nobody validate that with a response!” – Sandra
“I see the problem and it is definitely not you!” – Lilith]

by Eugene Lee (website)

by Genevieve Rose (website)

by Grayson Judd
[Artist’s comment: I noticed a duality in your animal characters. the males had all spent a good chunk of time/grew up in a suburban area, with woo living there. the females spent most of their lives in the forest, with ruth only leaving to get her gun and ammo. This lead me to create this, a yin yang drawing showing the duality of your comic, day/night, female/male, good/evil, forest/suburbs, sun/moon.]

by Gregory Poole (website)

by Ihuoma Ohanaka
[Artist’s comment: This is how I envision they’d look in a Miraculous Ladybug crossover. Originally, there were supposed to be three characters with a whole background; unfortunately, I didn’t like how the third character turned out and didn’t like how changing the picture sizes affected the pictures. I think Larisa makes a great Chat Noir and Zoe was made to play Chloe]

by Ihuoma Ohanaka

by Javier

by Kyle Tani
[Artist’s comment: Best Girl cosplaying as another Best Girl.]

by Loup Richard
[Artist’s comment: Woo as Rocket Raccon and Ye Thuza as Yondu ;)]

by Malisa Benjamin

by Meow Bot
[Artist’s comment: The picture is supposed to be Yuna after creating an explosion but I couldn’t finish it…]

by Merri An
[Artist’s comment: Concept of the artwork is funny failed photo, Sandra and Woo want to take photo together but Woo’s children jump in the middle and make ridiculous face, while the other one jump into Sandra head and showing his butt, so that the photo become funny photo.]

by mich
[Artist’s comment: Maze stationery set (with a maze envelope and Viviana paper) + supplemental postcard with Lilith]
I like the look of the letter.

by mich

by mich
[Artist’s comment: Viviana (CEO of Viviana Projectors) presenting her new product]
I like the original idea, but the execution is a bit too simple for the top 25.

by Natalia Januchta (website)
[Artist’s comment: I’ve decided to draw Vega being corrupted by Ruth into hunting bigger prey.]
This nice watercolor drawing barely missed the top 25.

by Piotr Pikul
[Artist’s comment: Here’s my digital fanart of Sandra and Woo – “Yuna’s epic split”. […] I drawn my fanart in MS Paint with an ordinary mouse.]

by Rachel Franklin
[Artist’s comment: This is a cross over between Sandra and Woo and another story with a talking racoon, Guardians of the Galaxy.]

by Ramzi Khairi
[Artist’s comment: I included an image/render of my Lilith 3D model.]

by Rivkae Winters
[Artist’s comment: [My picture] is done in white and black charcoal.]

by Sandy Tanudjaja (website)
[VIDEO, 86 MB!]

by S.G.
S.G. sent this music video of an instrumental music track inspired by Gaia. I have a lot of trouble to mentally connect an instrumental music track to a comic, at least as long as it’s not perfectly synchronised with scenes from the comic. Therefore, I will discourage instrumental music tracks in future artwork contests since they have no chance to make it into the top 25.

by William Huish
[Artist’s comment: “Xis Will Do”.]
I have a bit of trouble to make out what exactly is going on here. Xis is looking very cute, though.

I promised the artists who created my three favorite Woocoins that they will also enter the artwork contest with their coins. However, they failed to make it into the top 10 in the end. Here they are again:

by Aladdinboy (website)
That’s a really well-done 3D overlay! It almost looks like a real coin. According to Google Translate the Latin text says “Never anger Larisa.”

by Jack B. Nimble
That’s a very nice 3D model! I particularly like the paw print in the background.

by sribbleinc (website)
That’s a very nice drawing that shines with the detailed building on tails and the lovely color composition!

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